The Counseling Department at BONSAI Educational Initiatives is headed by the psychologist and aspires to promote an environment that is educationally and psychologically vibrant and enthusiastic for the students and the institution at large.

What counseling aims to achieve?

  • It aims at enhancing independence, confidence and encourages optimal learning of both academic and life skills required to help students develop into contributing world citizens.
  • It aims at providing the necessary supportive services to help teachers and parents to build healthier and effective relations with children.
  • It ensures an environment that is inspiring and rewarding by implementing research-based, effective programs that create awareness, sensitize and prevent problems such as bullying and raging in the institution.
  • It strives to maintain a congenial and secure environment to students the institution.

Counseling Process:

  • Interactive skill building session on core life skills such as confidence, communication, decision making, conflict resolution, team work and leadership, manners and etiquettes, goal setting etc.
  • Individual counseling sessions targeting emotional and behavioral concerns and issues faced by students such as: ragging, bullying, lying, motivation, attention and concentration concerns.
  • Parental and teacher facilitation sessions to boost better understanding and solution based intervention of student concerns.